Tentative Schedule

January 7 M Introduction and Assignments
9 W Masks and facial makeup
11 F “

14 M continue Masks and makeup
16 W conclude Masks and makeup
18 F Survey of Masks and Mask use in Asia

21 M MLK Holiday
23 W continue Masks and Mask use in Asia
25 F "

28 M 1st writing assignment due at the top of your Portfolios page on this wiki; Balinese full and half masks
30 W “
February 1 F “

4 M “
6 W “
8 F “

11 M “
13 W Rangda and Barong masks and their use
15 F conclude Balinese mask use with Rangda and Barong masks

18 M Japanese Noh mask use
20 W “
22 F “ 2nd Writing Assignment due as a link off your Portfolios page on this wiki. Western poets reading their own works.

25 M “
27 W “
March 1 F “

4 M Kyogen
6 W Midterm exam review
8 F NOTE: Midterm exam went online at midnight March 8 on your elc.uga.edu homepage for this course and ends at midnight March 10. It is a 50 minute midterm and may be taken twice, for those who don't think they did well the first time.

11 M Spring Break
13 W “ “
15 F “ “

18 M Survey of puppets and puppet use in general western illustrations
20 W Survey of puppets and puppet use in Asia
22 F Third writing assignment due. Conclude the survey of puppets and puppet use in Asia

25 M Japanese Bunraku (Gulshirin Dubash, guest artists from Interlocken Academy)
27 W “
29 F “

April 1 M "
3 W Discuss Love Suicides at Amajima
5 F Discuss The Village School

8 M Conclude Bunraku; Deadline for approval of Final Written Assignment and an indication of what you are thinking about doing for the Final Creative Project
10 W final day on Bunraku
12 F Wayang kulit of Java and Bali and Wayang Golek of Java

15 M Wayang in Performance
17 W Mahabharata and Ramayana epics
19 F Wayang Golek

22 M Class evaluation (bring computers, ipads, or mobile phones to class so you may complete the evaluation online)
and review of Masks for the Final Exam
24 W Review of Puppets for the Final Exam
26 F Presentation of some of the final creative projects

29 M Last day of class; Final Written Projects due
30 Reading Day
May 1 W Finals begin
6 M NOTE: Final Exam for this course is 3:30pm to 6:30pm. It may be online under the elc.