All you need do is click Edit above and begin to type on this page.

To add pictures, on the Editor bar above you will see a little greenish button which says File. Click that button and click the Upload Files button on the upper right. This will allow you to upload digital pictures that are on your computer. Once you find a picture to upload it will do so (unless the photo is too large to upload).

Simply double click the uploaded picture and it will appear wherever your cursor happened to be on your page.

To make the picture larger or smaller click the plus or minus button on the little box below or to the side of the picture. If you want to add a caption click and start typing in the box at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to close the little box when you are done.

To see what that will look like click SAVE on the Editor Bar and take a look at the page. If you don't want the picture or don't want it where it appears, simply place your cursor to the right of the picture and delete or click backspace. The picture will disappear but it is still on the site under the file button. You may have to search for it in the files, page by page. Again double click the picture and it will appear on your page where the cursor was when you clicked on it after the edit button.

You can preview your work to see what it looks like and/or save it at any time. You can also cancel what you are doing and everything will look like it did at the beginning of this session.

NOTE: You cannot edit unless you have logged in! I've made the mistake of trying to do this more than once.

I suggest that you stay logged in, once you have done so. That way you don't to have to login every time you come to the site. Just type to go back to your wiki account