Profiles and Projects page.

What you are doing here is creating a link to a separate page taking you to your individual profile page where you will post your writing and final project such as mine does below:

Richmond, Farley
Zhang, Shayi

To accomplish this task add your name and link it to a separate page from this page. To do this please click the Edit button above and to the right. Once the Editor pops up I suggest that you go to the little down arrow next to Save button and open the Wikitext editor, that way you can easily add your name in alphabetical order without risking a tie in with the name of someone else.

Once you've added your name (last name first, please) then click the Save button. Note that when you save you need to create a link to your own page. To do this you click Edit button again and open Wikitext Editor again. Add the marks before and after your name that are like those before and after my name. Click save. After saving your name click on it to see that you will get into a page that asks that you edit it. Click the edit button. Then on the page you are about to edit, be sure the size of the type is Normal. Then you should add a photo and your typed material about yourself under the photo.